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US Bank Building

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Building was originally built in the early 1970’s.  Under this operation there was never any economizer controls available to this site.  All cooling loads were handled by running the cooling tower all winter long and draining it every day to prevent freezing.  A new magnetic bearing chiller was added reducing the energy consumption of this unit to new standards.  This chiller was then put into use for cooling when Outside Air is at 40 degrees F and higher.  The Makeup Air unit supplying minimum air was converted to handle low temperature air to supply cooling in the winter; even though it was not designed for this operation.  A little hard work and some good engineering concepts and this was now available for cooling without the potential of freezing. 

Radiation in this site was not controlled prior to the new automation system being installed by Minnesota Controls Solutions and now has valves and sensors throughout the site to control to exact temperatures needed to maintain set points within a very tight tolerance.  All new valves on the Air Handling Units on the cooling coils reduced the pump operations for chilled water.  MCS installed new pumps as needed. 

Occupancy sensors adorn this site with full coverage of all spaces.  New LED lighting was added to all areas.  Full automation overlaid every item in this site.  N4 Tridium interfacing was installed at each portion and fiber backbone was installed to link all items with high speed transmission.  

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Letters of Recommendation:

Grand Village - Scott Lane, Director of Environmental Services

Mechanical Systems Design, LLC - Robert A. Fischer, PE, Business Unit Manager

Madison Equities - Scott Goltz, Vice President

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"Minnesota Control Solutions approached this extremely challenging project with professionalism and acuity. We could not be more pleased with the results."

- Scott Goltz, Vice President, Madison Equities

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